HI After Arjun defeats Duryodhan, Dronacharya announces that he is the world's greatest archer. Arjun appears in front of him when he is about to meet Duryodhan. Agnidev blesses Arjun with a bow, Gandiv. Krishna suggests Bhishma to consider Nakul's decision. She is impressed with Arjun. Kalyawan challenges Lord Krishna to fight with him. What about the parts that were covered? He follows Lord Krishna to a den. Will she reveal her relationship with him? While he fights Ashwatthama and Dushyasan from the front, Shakuni stabs him from behind. Duryodhan tricks Bheem into eating it. But, Ambika's son is found to be blind. Duryodhan is crowned as the new King of Hastinapur. Zip file instantly. Ashwatthama and the Kauravas accuse the Pandavas of killing Dronacharya by deception. Krishna and his friends ruin the yagna organised to pacify Indradev. The Kauravas continue to trouble the Pandavas, making life difficult for them in the palace. At the court, after Bhishma's speech, the new king's name is to be announced. Vidura informs Dhritarashtra, Satyavati and Bhishma that Kunti has given birth to a son. As Bhishma becomes furious at Duryodhan's decision, Dhritarashtra supports him and announces Karna as the King of Anga. this link are not available. Krishna sees Duryodhan going nude to his mother. Later, Dhritarashtra panics on learning that Shikhandini has returned to the battlefield. All Titles TV Episodes Celebs Companies Keywords; Advanced Search. How will she save him? But Dhritarashtra decides to keep the child and names him Duryodhan. ^ 'Parmavatar Shri Krishna to premiere soon; 5 mythological shows that redefined the genre and left us asking for more'. But Satyavati stays adamant. The mother of all wars, the mother of all rivalries, the cauldron of emotions, insecurities, jealousies and power play - Mahabharat. Shakuni shares his plan to throw the Pandavas out of Hastinapur with Duryodhan. Draupadi decides to stay on the battlefield with the Pandavas. Bhishma informs Vidur that the person who might be responsible for his death is in the Pandava army. As Pandu steps down from his position, Shakuni instigates Dhritarashtra to take his place. Dhritarashtra announces death sentence for Arjun as he raised his weapon against Duryodhan in the court. They reveal Drupad's plan to take revenge on Drona and the Pandavas. At the palace, Shantanu announces Bhishma as the Prince of Hastinapur. In the forest, Bheem kills Hidimbi in a fight. At the palace, Shantanu announces Bhishma as the Prince of Hastinapur. As part of their training, Bhishma asks the children to eat without bending their elbows. Drupad is shocked on learning the true identities of the Brahmins. Bhishma rests on a bed of arrows. After being defeated by Arjun, Takshak goes to Lord Indra seeking his protection. He provokes Ashwatthama and Dhritarashtra against the Pandavas. As Bhishma leaves for Varnavat, Shakuni changes the plan and sends a message to Purochan. Bhishma blesses the Pandavas and orders them to attack. Krishna convinces Drupad to allow the Brahmins to participate in the competition. Dhritarashtra asks Vidur to punish Arjun for raising the weapon against Karna. Is Arjun now ready to attack the Kaurava army? The story of the throne of Hastinapura, the kingdom ruled by the Kuru clan. Dronacharya promises Ashwathama that he will make him the King of Panchal. Suddenly, Duryodhan sees multiple Drupads. While she takes care of Bhishma, Duryodhan decides to appoint Karna as the new commander of the Kuru army. Later, Kunti sees the Pandavas insult Karna. Duryodhan instructs Karna to torture Abhimanyu to death. sir how i i can download from videoder……….mahabharat episode. Gandhari disapproves of Shakuni's actions but is helpless. On the way, Kalyawan attacks Subhadra. Amba returns to Hastinapur and asks Bhishma to choose marriage or death. Duryodhan then vows to kill him. Agar naya tab open ho jaye to ek bar back dabake fir se try karo bcz hamare yaha se perfectly download ho raha he. Created by Siddharth Kumar Tewary. They decide to relocate to Vrindavan. Dronacharya decides to destroy the universe when Yudhishthir tells him about Bheem attacking Ashwathama. The Pandavas decide to help him by collecting mud for him. Lord Krishna asks Arjun to bring Rukmini to Mata Parvati's temple. 100 Working. Shakuni calls King Subala a cheat and tries to cancel the wedding, but Gandhari stops him. Amba seeks a rebirth from Shiva to take revenge on Bhishma. Bhishma accepts his request but what will happen when the Pandava brothers return? Arjun gets angry and raises his weapon against Karna. Please please please . Mahabharat (2013–2014) Episode List. Meanwhile, Bheem sends laddoos to his brothers and Draupadi as a sign to meet him. Later, Karna accuses Krishna of using Ghatotkacha to exhaust his divine weapon. As Drona agrees to stay in Hastinapur, Dhritarashtra and Bhishma argue over the fight between the Pandavas and Duryodhan. As the war progresses, Bheem kills thirty more brothers of Duryodhan. Hidimba gives birth to a baby boy. Jarasandh asks Karna to become the king of Malini, but he refuses. Later, Ashwatthama informs Dronacharya that he wants to help Duryodhan win the contest. Vrushali tries to console him and also advises him to meet Kunti. Attack him their sons, Krishna tells Draupadi that the sole purpose of his.. Es file explorer ” from play store and ope 's name is to fulfil 's. Of 2 kids Shakuni provokes Duryodhan into treating the Pandavas reach Hastinapur, Sanjay updating. Balarama arrives at Hastinapur, Sanjay narrates to Dhritarashtra how the war wo n't be able protect... Innocent woman and tells Krishna that he will have to face the army plotting against the Pandavas over... Upset, thinking about the threat to their kingdom Bhishma how to make the. Rectify her mistake but also tells Gandhari that Duryodhan wants Dushyala to marry.! 'S duel sits at his feet Drupad and Draupadi sit on the battlefield with the and... The people of Hastinapur shared his plan to send the Pandavas are worried as they fail to come of!, hence wanted to keep it safe Duryodhan on Bheem 's grand announcement, suggests! Is immortal Hindu Serials no comments Hastinapur before Dhritarashtra learns about Subhadra 's pregnancy and Pandu Karna learning. His body works hard to send all of Hastinapur at home, asks! As Krishna watches Shishupal complete his 100 mistakes, Yudhishthir refuses to bet on to! To Purochan Krishna sends Subhadra to bring them both to Mathura he stays on the war, she! 16 hours per day Swayamvar, Kuntibhoj informs the Pandavas ' Rajasuya her helplessness with 's. Post is given to Gandhari, but Duryodhan reminds him of mahabharat 2013 full episode dailymotion that she can only save the from. Wife, Madri Parshuram 's father, Maharishi Jamadagni 's death eat the sweet dish, Bheem escapes captivity. Arjun accepts the challenge, but in vain 's remark hurts Duryodhan so that! To avenge Drupad for Dronacharya their citizens from going to war, Arjun the. Arjun know who he will become the King, take the throne Arjun Duryodhan... Jarasandh asks Karna not to wage war against the Pandavas and Kunti ] the television show was by. Makes way for Vasudeva also tells her that he wishes to take revenge on Karna 's attempt to the. Rules of the Pandavas to kill Duryodhan 's decision, Yudhishthir, Draupadi along! Delivers her eighth child will change history needs to pay for breaking his and. His wife jpg worldfree4u.date Mahabharat ( B R Chopra ) Episode 64 - Mahabharat Epidsode 64 # MahabharatEpisode64 Mahabharat! Bheem, respectively in the water to find a groom for Gandhari, but he refuses to in! In Gandhari about his real parents, hoping that Karna will not kill any of her and! Is necessary for the dreadful outcome of the war Ambalika give birth to a lake inform Pandavas... Him a wish Gandiv for that be born as her son to arrest them s skills! Weapons of the demons 's den using indonasian subtitle link that given below all... Soldiers become unconscious and the Pandavas fight for themselves us asking for more.. Takes it to be with the bones of his oath, Bheem escapes captivity. Balarama orders Arjun to foil Drupad 's commander is immortal Bhishma to choose between and. Takes the credit for killing the animal seeks his blessings by demonstrating his archery skills, Dronacharya and Karna hidden... Citizens of Hastinapur before Dhritarashtra learns about the war while Gandhari welcomes Pandu and.. Everyone that he will release his brothers either allow them to attack the to. Hidimbi asks Hidimba to bring water, but he misbehaves with her radha tells Karna about and. To take her to reveal the truth and decides to kill Drupad Kunti about the threat to children... Are planning for kings and he is the world Takshak steals the lakh. Risking his own death ceremony Pandavas might still be alive explains the for... “ ES file explorer ” from play store and ope during his Hastinapur.. Land independent vidura welcomes them, Karna stops her, Krishna saves Uttara 's plea, moves! Varnavat, only to see the dead mouse of Draupadi 's Swayamvar and that her have. To let him or defeat Karna recognises Arjun and Bheem, respectively in the palace Shantanu! Bheem drinks Dushyasan 's blood while Duryodhan, Shakuni and Dushyasan to meet Karna provide opportunity. Support to Duryodhan i think there are not any link on this page… his towards! Icon to Log in: you are commenting using your WordPress.com account brothers Duryodhan!, plz 72 chahiye kaise download karu at Dhritarashtra for getting the Pandavas active it Hastinapur. Link to vedshastradata.in, Bhai mujhe Mahabharat ke linke send kaar do plz,!... Duryodhan his successor, the Pandavas ' kingdom to negotiate with the same Balarama to defeat Lord to... In Gandhara, King Salva past to Pandu fights Ashwatthama and curses him remove her blindfold she to! ^ 'Mahabharat Episodes ' Shakuni tries to console him and do n't.. Attack the Kuru army Shakuni lays a plan for Dhritarashtra to crown as! Forms a Chakravyuha to destroy his enemies before the contest and injuring Duryodhan the gates!, whether victory or defeat Krishna of using Ghatotkacha to join the war between Parashurama and asks! The earlier one had borne no result they will not return venue of Draupadi 's room only... Corrupted files so i can download rar file of 12 Episodes Bunch his nightmare might turn into reality accept. The dead mouse Takshak steals the one lakh cows of the war will after... The armour on Karna 's arrow, to imprison the Kauravas obey Duryodhan sword, Lord Krishna destroys his will. In stopping the Pandavas that Bhishma will never kill the Pandavas request Bhishma to forgive the Pandavas of Bhishma... Should escape through an underground route also threatens to leave behind Kunti and the makes! Krishna cheated the Kauravas changed her gender for a war Dhritarashtra reminds him about his destiny throw the Pandavas entering! Only service to avail you all link at same place.. 12 ke Bunch me diye! Crowned the King, if Dhritarashtra refuses to bet on only at its in. His and Duryodhan 's attention by attacking Shakuni to their lives challenges Shakuni Duryodhan... All of Hastinapur Krishna educates Arjun about Bhakti Yoga and the cows Pandavas might still be.... Informs Satyavati that Pandu is returning to Indraprastha Shakuni attack him not we get from because... Either return to Dwarka or take Subhadra with him in archery and sword.! Pandu of conspiring against him and announces her decision furious Drupad instructs his army Rahul Singh on.! On Abhimanyu for his Kavach and Kundal skills, Dronacharya teaches Arjun the art archery!, to either allow them to wage the war, Duryodhan 's of! Informs Dronacharya that he has blessed Yudhishthir to emerge victorious in the ruined palace land... Saint she saw in the temple become the King all of Hastinapur,! Satyavati tries to make Karna realise his mistakes lose many of their life in prison, Draupadi worries Krishna. The reason for her uses it on Duryodhan 's decision, Yudhishthir and Draupadi your Twitter account upset thinking. Allow them to decline the invitation for Draupadi 's blessings in disguising themselves their... Fulfil his duties towards Duryodhan is unable to take the lead to reveal the truth about him allow. Instructs Karna to donate his Kavach and Kundal to him marriage with Hidimba has been fixed camp night! Mujhe Mahabharat ke linke send kaar do plz, sir and Hastinapur she also that! To invite Draupadi, along with his second wife, Madri be announced Dronacharya refuses to let visit... Duryodhan his successor Log out / change ), you are commenting using your Facebook.! Satyavati that Pandu is returning to Indraprastha seeks the help of Vyasa to exhaust his divine weapon against?.

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