The GP100 is about as rugged and reliable as you Others swear by the “stopping power” of a .357 magnum +P 158 gr. Keith is the 4'. While not exactly a negative, if this revolver had one aside from its intrinsically low capacity, it would be that the cylinder’s mouths are not chamfered and polished to better guide the six rounds into their six chambers. The GP100 is a After owning and regularly shooting this gun for the past three years, it was obvious that Ruger sought out good advice from someone who thought long and hard about what features an ideal production revolver should have. In .357 Magnum of course. SP101 2.25" compare . more. not have to worry about cracking the forcing cone, or the A whole lot of work. In the end, though, the savvy shooter understands that the fastest, heaviest bullet fired from the best weapon only counts when it strikes where it needs to hit to have the best chance to stop an incoming, unlawful threat. He said that, at the time, the stainless version of the Wiley Clapp #1752 was supposed to be limited to 2000 while the dark “Hawkeye” finished guns were not limited at all. and If you asked Wiley Clapp whether he carried a revolver like this one every day or not, he’d probably say no. weapon in a gunfight. HC is a hard-cast lead bullet. trigger pull. Ruger GP100 Wiley Clapp 357 Mag. jacketed hollowpoint is my favorite bullet for social work in That fiber optic was a little too bright in broad daylight but the white dot is more visible in dim light. one of my favorite cast bullet handloads that I use as a general With the Wiley Clapp GP100, Ruger took its utilitarian revolver and spruced up the thirty year old design with some smart choices. Neither the author nor Designed 25 years ago to replace the … Purchased mine just shy of 3 yrs. BTW, contrary to the review, there is no such thing as a +p .357 load (at least not one that’s commercially available). Ruger HKGP. It’s been years now since the handloading, so that may have changed. Got something to say about this article? Revolvers aren’t perfect. There's a fellow out of MT that builds some fine GP holsters. GP100. better use in low lighting conditions, while still retaining the Magnum loads can be used with no limitation on the number of They were good pistols but real shooters carried Smith’s. It is freakin’ beautiful. Now let’s talk Ruger. days think that one must have a high capacity magazine holding a But neither is anything else. I just acquired an old Police Service Six and I absolutely love it. LCR’s are already 5 shot in .38/.357/9mm. I have been spoiled by pistols and revolvers weighing ounces or pounds less that deliver substantial power. Wiley Clapp GP100 . My 1975 Python is a 4" so maybe I should go 6"? All things considered, this particular model Ruger GP100 is definitely worth the price we all paid (unless someone went all silly and went significantly higher than say $850-900). Special ammo at an affordable price, go to That looks like a really handy size. Finally, after depressing the cylinder latch, the cylinder can be removed from the frame by pulling forward on the cylinder frame assembly. Over time, it’s gotten easier, but expect some dark thoughts to cloud your mind during your first couple of attempts. I would only carry it as a BBQ gun though. revolver getting out of time. Quick view Compare Add to Cart. For Sale from GunPros | Positive feedback: 93% View | Verified Seller | 1902 Completed Sales View Sellers Items. This is the original Wiley Clapp inspired GP-100 design. Out of Stock. If you don’t practice reloading a revolver under stress, you’re deluding yourself. OUT OF STOCK (2) CLT LIGHTWEIGHT COMMANDE 9MM 4.25 WILEY CLAPP. Messages: 4,210 Likes Received: 7,010. Unlike other models, the Wiley Clapp model has a visually pleasing matte stainless steel finish which won’t blind you as much as a … However, this particular holster seems to excel at it. manuals and begin working up loads at least 10% below the loads indicated cases on the ground that have your finger prints upon them. padlock. Other than that, the Wiley Clapp GP100 can fall prey to the same malfunctions and problems that could plague any revolver. semi-auto flings its empty brass upon the ground. Your email address will not be published. Shooting the Wiley Clapp Ruger GP100 is a delight. To order the GP100 online, go to to me, as well as the Stryker 38 Special hollowpoint load. The GP100’s mainspring can be removed after cocking the hammer to the rear…, As distinct from cocking the hammer in some other direction? All linear measurements are in May 11, 2020. Maybe this time the stainless model with fiber optic front sight? Features a 3" barrel, factory trigger job and matte blue finish. P-3AT . Patented Here’s the truth about the number of stainless model Wiley Clapp GP100’s as described to me by Talo’s representative. When finished, place the weapon back Many shooters seem to advocate carrying a .38 special +P 125 gr. $1,029.00 $999.99. Even though its barrel reads “Read Instruction Manual,” Ruger’s Wiley Clapp GP100 .357 magnum revolver might just be the last best hope for a modern manufactured fighting man’s revolver. above sea level, and relative humidity of sixty-two percent. During his career in law enforcement, he was issued a revolver which he has referred to as a “professional tool.” Given this background, it’s no wonder, then, that companies such as Sturm Ruger and even the venerable Colt Manufacturing have tapped him as a resource for sensible design choices in the modern era. Ruger GP100 Revolver 10mm Auto 3in 6rd Stainless Wiley Clapp - $844.39 The Ruger 1780 GP100 Revolver 10mm Auto 3in 6rd Stainless Wiley Clapp. The Novak fiber optic is closed on the sides and doesn’t seem to pick up enough light IMHO. Logic be damned. But also most fun revolver I own. Your email address will not be published. It was unexpected that the smoky old powder used outperformed more expensive newer powder formulations. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.). Justin says: August 26, 2018 at 4:33 pm . which, even if morally justified to do so, using a handgun to I’ve been carrying this revolver on a daily basis for the past several months in a superbly crafted Milt Sparks Summer Special holster and it has never felt as if I was carrying around any more weight than was necessary. Conversely I’d argue why would anyone pay more when you can have a GP Wiley Clapp. Don’t know if that K Frame affinity will carry over to the larger GP100. Love the blue finish on this model. The GP100’s cylinder is locked into the gun’s frame at the front, rear, and bottom. will get you into the 475-500ft/lbs range out of a 3″ but the hotter loads from Buffalo Bore, Double Tap, etc will get you up around 600. Yes the +p+ stuff can get right up there. Includes a hard plastic case. Unlike other revolvers, the takedown of the GP100 is relatively simple. We have a strong belief that every individual should have easy access to guns and pistols, not only for self-defense but also to enhance shooting skills. It belongs on your belt. Gun Details. Want to agree (or disagree) with it? The I just put this on my gp100 wiley clapp and man they are nice. Suggestions & or ideas much appreciated thanks!! double-action revolver, and it is easy to determine whether or is very comfortable when shooting heavy magnum loads, and the GP100 Wiley Clapp 3" vs. Smith & Wesson . Ruger Ruger GP100 Wiley Clapp Revolver .357 Mag 3in 6rd Stainless TALO 1752 ### From The Manufacturer The Ruger 1752 GP100 Wiley Clapp TALO Limited Edition Revolver in .357 Magnum features a 3-inch heavy barrel, stainless steel finish, one piece Checkered rubber grips with Ruger and Wiley Clapp logos, rear novak sight, front Novak green fiber optic sight, an overall length of 8.5 inches, … Anywho, don’t let anyone tell you that there were more than 4800-4900 made because it’s just not true. If I’m dragging that much weight I may as well take the .44 Mag, I figure I would never need to use more than 6 rounds of that in the woods. It’s more than capable of two-inch groups at 21 feet with even the cheapest ammunition available at my local bulk retailer. It can definitely work, but I’ve settled on 15 plus one of 9mm +P out of a Glock 19. ‘That’s a similar power level to the 3″ .357’. Frankly, the last “lock” is more of a countermeasure against cylinder rotation under recoil than it is anything else. The factory has the ability to take an idea to reality quickly. Such an item would be a great woods gun, as would the new Ruger .45 ACP / .45 Colt revolver. into the holster. Maybe I should sell my 640 and my Six and get one of these for my “woods gun” to have the best of all worlds. The internals are removed through the bottom, hard cast .357 magnum loads for maximum earth-shaking effect. exclusive to TALO wholesalers. THE RUGER COLLECTION. Ruger SP101 Wiley Clapp Stainless 2.25" Revolver 357 Magnum 5 RD MPN: 5774. Yip, Does it have major muzzle flip? The same can be said of the GP100’s transfer bar system that allows the shooter to carry a round in every chamber without fearing a hammer strike causing an unintentional discharge. For a three-inch barreled, $700 dollar production revolver, it’s more than acceptable. Wiley Clapp GP100 1752. gun that you can buy and shoot all you want. Gun Review: The Wiley Clapp Ruger GP100 Revolver. reason, the GP100 is a fine choice, and the three-inch barrel of After getting a few intial photographs, I pulled out the chunky gun and began getting familiar with it. Still, if Ruger made a 7 or 8 round .357, I would have to have it. the grip that is just underneath the shooter’s fingers. REMEMBER What Burt said: “Better to have and not need it, then to need it and not have it”. Another advantage of a revolver that is The data indicated were arrived at using specialized equipment under ! Had a 6″ Colt King Cobra back in the day. Over the years, the trigger parts have polished themselves to a degree that is completely acceptable. Ergonomics * * * * * The Hawkeye finished guns are still being sold as far as I know. In such areas, you do I'm thinking I want another GP100. Neither are you carrying a scoped 8” barreled hunting revolver with a bipod. If you searching to test Ruger Gp100 Wiley Clapp For Sale And Mp Vtac 9mm price. Removing a Smith & Wesson revolver’s sideplate and peering inside the frame is a lot like opening up the back of a fine watch you hope to repair: you realize really quickly that you aren’t as talented a watchmaker as you thought. not want to leave evidence at the scene of even a justified No safeties to manipulate at uses the excellent Mt. Cool gun. 25 years ago Rugers just weren’t done as duty pistols in my part of the world. The Glock “19” (G23 with conversion barrel and upgraded recoil spring) can hit 450-475 FPE. The 5″ Davidson’s GP100 is quite nice too. revolvers. homogenous copper hollow nose bullet made by Barnes Bullet And part of that reason is the feel of a rounded grip in your hand. Ruger Super GP100 357 Mag/38 Spec 5.5" Barrel Hogue Hardwood Grip Black PVD Finish, 8 Round . This GP100, This is a good, readable review and your personal observations are cogent and welcome. Subscribe (unsubscribe completely at any time) Home; Blog; About; Handgun Search ; Contact; Pending Handgun Requests; … The ‘standard’ loads you see from Federal, Remington etc. Replacing the Six series, it had big shoes to fill, Area Code: 734 . Still, it’s a good design feature that should be included on a serious tool such as this. Or maybe I just carry one because I think they’re cool. variation on that fine Ruger double-action design, and is As far as carry ammo goes, you still have a lot of options. Ruger Model GP1-100 .357 Mag/38 Spec 2.5" Barrel Satin SS Finish Fiber Optic Front Sight 7rd. But then I thought maybe try something new. ain’t right, but that’s the way it is. DrewBone. However, I wish the inserts although nice, had checkering, and/or the Ruger logo like the ones that came with my Talo edition, Oh well - Phillip Matteson, NY : Should be standard on all 3 inch gp100s. $899.00 $759.09. Please reference our inventory # 53700. seldom mentioned out of political correctness, is that the Revolvers; Exclusives; 2018. Wiley is right, this grip is perfect, fits my hand great. Yip it does. I’m not liking the adjustable rear at all. I’m just not sold on the size / weight / firepower of the .357 5 or 6 shooter for self defense and daily carry. Personally I blame S&W for prevalence of light .357 loads. GP100 Match Champion vs Wiley Clapp. The minute of pie plate at 50 feet accuracy is not worth $700. The attendant saw my bewildered look and asked me, “What do you need a gun for?” “Home defense”, I answered. (Click here to see all of Spaulding’s handgun reviews.). I have just acquired Ruger’s GP100 Wiley Clapp, 3″ barrel version. not the weapon is loaded, even by a novice shooter. More importantly, most of the revolver, including the cylinder, has been subtly contoured and beveled to allow for an easier time carrying the revolver against your flesh. The same could be said for most shooters, I think. But I’ll bet that if you asked him whether he carried a lighter weight, higher capacity semi-automatic handgun every day instead, he’d probably say no, too. Governor . The chronograph and accuracy Carried it for a while, only way to conceal it (6′ 190#) was in a LH underhanded cross-draw shoulder rig. not. squared profile preferred by most target shooters. Shooting the Wiley Clapp Ruger GP100 is a delight. The F-250 and the Security Six are strong enough for most people, most of the time. Both men were successful because they religiously trained with their pieces of fighting iron. If I had to go back to a revolver I’d be okay with that combination again. I’ll soon be carrying this rig, along with a 3″ SP-101 5-shot in .357, as backup. Of course that comes at the price of more muzzle blast, recoil and noise. Sign In with every group fired. This particular wheelgun is not a backup gun. $829.00 $677.89. This is my carry gun (for the last 2 1/2 years). Reliability * * * * * ammunition online, go to Ruger GP100 Wiley Clapp 10mm Short. semi-jacketed hollow point bullet instead. 999.00. From lightweight .38 special loads for routine practice, to heavy duty, 180 gr. Wiley Clapp GP100 Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by Kifaru, Oct 28, 2017. Definitely not a fan of 2″ or less barrels. Overall * * * * ½ Cylinder is plenty long for even the Buffalo Bore GP100 is easy to use, easy to load, and easy to maintain. For more information call 252-793-4040. 3" HB Stainless Steel Novak Re. Accuracy varied from good to amazing with the With the GP, you do I’ve heard the 2000 number and I’ve heard 2500 but either way I think they’re producing that in each of the stainless and the blue so it’s more like 4000 or 5000 a year. Wiley Clapp GP100 for sale online. Meanwhile, the regular LCR in .357 is working well. But with the hot stuff you’ve still got more than the standard stuff in a 4″ barrel. bullets at those velocities being able to hold together. I don't want a 4" barrel revolver. Wiley Clapp has been a prolific author in print media for a long time. 1988 Ruger GP 100. Notify Me. while it would serve as a hunting tool, is built for defense, If I didn’t already own a couple of nice legacy Smith’s or if I could find 6 good Poweball numbers a GP100 could find a place in my collection. listed in feet-per-second (fps). Handgun Updates . Grip frame design easily accommodates a wide variety of custom grips. Just point and shoot. The The Specifications: Ruger Wiley Clapp GP100 Revolver, Caliber: .357 magnum Ruger ® GP100 ® double-action revolvers are among the most comfortable shooting revolvers. I’m assuming the author has an older version of the WC. Same here, it’s the most expensive handgun I’ve ever bought. I do remember seeing a GP100 (and a Mark series .22 pistol) on Firefly, so they will apparently last hundreds of years into the future. The Hogues suck. Special grips. Wiley Clapp is a gun writer who has been at his Ruger GP100 Wiley Clapp Edition, 357 Mag, 3", Novak Sights, SS, TALO, 6rd. To make that goal a reality, Ruger cast aside its more K-frame sized Six Series and embraced the larger L-frame for the GP100 series to better withstand the heavy toll an unending stream of magnum loads would exact on the gun. This is a gun on my bucket list. hollowpoint bullet. potential user of this data. Opening the grey Ruger box revealed a fine-looking revolver, a lock, disassembly pin, and the instruction manual. Ruger has been TALO's largest special edition partner. 1,806 Posts #2 • Mar 17, 2016. easy to add, if desired. At our online store, we have put up Ruger GP100 357 magnum for sale at competitive prices. Out of Stock . Anthony, I’m jealous of the 3″ GP! sighting combo for defense, and a Crimson Trace Lasergrip is This item is quite nice product. Candidates included Browning Hi-Power variants from the John Inglis firm of Canada, which had produced Hi-Powers during WWII, and Belgium’s Fabrique Nationale, while Smith & Wesson entered what would become its Model 39 five years later. Basically I guess I prefer a reflective sight. Summary: Dave Spaulding’s review of and rating for the Ruger GP100 Wiley Clapp, including a description, range report, specs, photos, pricing and user ratings. Eleven rounds without reloading. With the Stryker 38 With the Wiley Clapp GP100, you’re carrying a fast-handling, compromise barrel on a concealable wheelgun that stabilizes rounds better than the snub-nose but not as much as one meant for taking down game animals. Ruger GP100 .357 Mag Wiley Clapp Revolver 3 Description: Ruger GP-100 Wiley Clapp Series.357 Special Editions The second Wiley Clapp inspired GP-100 .357 The 1753 is Matt Blue over alloy, 3 inch with Novak carry, wide rear, and brass bead front sight. but has proven a worthy replacement, stronger than its Too, I’ve had a lot of fun experimenting with different loads across the two calibers, both for practice at the range and for carrying it with me throughout the day. firearms and accessories online at Triple-locking cylinder is locked into the frame at the front, rear and bottom for more positive alignment and dependable operation shot after shot. Also, for any of you w/a Wiley Clapp GP, especially Hawkeye Black, the inside thumb break snap will leave significant brass markings on the finish when drawing. Wiley Clapp has been writing for the gun press as long as I can remember and is someone everyone in the industry respects. center-to-center of the widest apart bullet holes in each group. If somebody like Bowen offered a low-snag fixed replacement rear sight that screws on where the adjustable rear is, I’d all over it. twenty-five years now, replacing the dandy Notify Me. The 6″ does look more intimidating though, so it’s my house gun. I should have picked one up when I had it in my hands. Very interesting Rubber grips with WC logo and signature fingerprint. Clapp GP100. Quick view Compare. I really, REALLY, regret selling my 6″ Colt King Cobra back in the mid 90s. This is the hardest part. GI#: 101567799. Those with a sharp eye will note that the front of the cylinder of the GP100 has been chamfered. It’s a great revolver and lots of fun to shoot. The smaller SP-101, once it’s in my hands, will use factory 110gr. Most noticeable is the good-looking matte stainless They have unpredictable failures. I like this revolver but wouldn’t carry it. Master Series machine rest. They’d been telling their customers for 25 years to shoot mostly .38 Specials in their K frames because they wouldn’t take the abuse of full house .357s then Rug er came out with a similarly sized gun that would shoot them all day long at 2/3 the cost. With most all ammo tested, The cartridge has a very As mentioned above, all accuracy testing was done at a compare . I saw someone comment on Buffalo Bear loads that deliver 600 ft/lbs out of a 3″ barrel. The Wiley Clapp GP100 is a limited-production conditions not necessarily comparable to those encountered by the Very interesting Rubber grips with WC logo and signature fingerprint. The shooter isn’t shoehorned into having only a square butt grip or rounded butt grip. inches, and the weight is listed in ounces. Ruger revolvers for sale online are rugged, reliable, and relentless handguns that are mechanically easy to shoot and maintain. With the Wiley Clapp GP100, Ruger took its utilitarian revolver and spruced up the thirty year old design with some smart choices. Out of Stock. Not that I’d feel the least bit under-armed with 16 rounds of 9 mm, but I figure the first 6 rounds are far more important than the next 10. Check out Bob Mernickle's line of holsters at ©COPYRIGHT 2020, THETRUTHABOUTGUNS.COM ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. For accuracy and function testing, I tried Probably need to be a 5 shot though. DPX is a 2011. Ruger GP100 Wiley Clapp II TALO 357 Magnum 3" Matte Black Novak Sights. That said, I do own a Wiley Clapp SP101 and like it. Should I get the Novak sights or adjustable sights? The GP100 is a good, rugged, powerful, and reliable 357 My first impression of the revolver is that it is made to a reasonably high standard. Your great grandkids might appreciate that. no side plate. WHEEL GUN WEDNESDAY - Ruger GP100 Wiley Clapp edition with fiber optic sights, wood/rubber grips designed by Mr. Clapp himself, and extensive factory trigger work (better than my friend's GP100 Match). Accordingly, I was able to swap out the functional, albeit large, included Hogue Monogrip with its beautiful wooden Altamont inlays, for more compact rubber grips with modest rosewood inserts. It 1. The blue has Novak gold bead (interestingly Colt opted for the brass bead on their Wiley Clapp 1911s) instead of the fiber optic. Many folks these DA is the double-action trigger pull. Accuracy * * * * The GP100 does I put some old (never been opened) Rogers combat grips on it and now it fits my hand perfectly. Full-house 357 Out of Stock. If you went back in time, you’d encounter people like Bill Jordan or Jim Cirillo. Just shoot it, then shoot it some Those dastardly demons at Ruger’s R&D (Research & Development) are at it again. The 357 Magnum is as good as it ever was as a fight Still have it and it looks brand new. rounds that you can feed through the sixgun. The trigger pulls Revolvers can be heavy. prosecuted by the law for using a firearm in defense of his OUT OF STOCK (15) Colt O4840WC Wiley Clapp 8+1 .45 ACP 4.25" TALO EXCLUSIVE. I guess I was also mentally comparing it to my Glock 35 with 9mm conversion barrel and Underwood 9mm +P and +P+. the GP100 fired very good five-shot groups. Tank of a gun and mine has an awesome trigger. 357 caliber. Price: $680.00. Early TALO disclosures noted only 2000 would be made. Manufacturer Model Number: 1753 this GP is a good balance of portability and power. For Sale from GunPros | Positive feedback: 93% View | Verified Seller | 1902 Completed Sales View Sellers Items. I guess that means they would need to be a 4 shot in .44 or .45, or maybe just a bigger cylinder. Personally I’ve always been a little skeptical of 115gr. Sold, pending funds . Then again, this model GP100 has still become extremely collectable with very few new ones coming up for sale by dealers who held onto them. $946.49. recorded at a distance of twelve feet from the muzzle, and are defend yourself or someone else will get you time in prison. The Over time, it’s held up well to daily carry. Handguns. As Blue/Black finishes are prone to brass scratches from any holster with wear and use, this is no surprise. See details here.). Customize This * * This moderate handload Much more than I ever had to with a semi-automatic pistol. The Wiley Clapp GP100 doesn’t belong on your ankle or inside your pocket. Lock-up is tight, trigger DA is smooth on this example. Ruger revolvers are my favorite revolvers. fired. No matter what, shooting this revolver is a fun experience. I’d take a pis tol over a revolv er in a shootout too. However, with several wholesalers It really irritated me because one of the reasons I bought mine was because of the relatively small number it was limited to. Whatever happens next after those first six rounds will depend more on the shooter’s mindset and training than on the weapon in his or her hand. I had an idea what to expect as I have had a Ruger SP 101 for about 20 years now, shot it some, and carried it often. By limiting the capacity to five shots, the company was able to maintain smaller dimensions on this powerful wheel gun. SKU: RUHGP-331-NVK Category: Products without a catagory. While this sight arrangement doesn’t allow for infinite adjustment and fine tuning beyond windage, this revolver isn’t meant to be a bullseye gun. Additionally, the Match Champion’s trigger guard assembly was much more coarser feeling and overall less finished. As far as ammunition goes, since this revolver is chambered in .357 magnum, the shooter is able to blast a host of different rounds. As I mentioned earlier, it’s a nice piece to begin with, but I have to admit I really liked the grip. Listed here is a GP100 Wiley Clapp edition in .357 Magnum (will also shoot .38 Special). Velocities were Heavy recoil? OUT OF STOCK (15) Colt O1911WC Wiley Clapp 7+1 .45 ACP 5" TALO EXCLUSIVE . And shooting revolvers is cool. Includes a hard plastic case. The detailed specifications of the Wiley The double action trigger is smooth and fast with a predictable reset and the single action trigger pull is short and clean. That load ), or Smith and Wesson. 69. It’s far rarer for a privately owned gun to go up for sale and I can understand that, I’d never consider selling mine. Quick view Compare Add to Cart. Operation: Double action a Ransom machine rest. Beyond that, parts can break. Notify Me. Triple-locking cylinder is locked into the frame at the front, rear and bottom for more positive alignment and dependable operation shot after shot. Stainless .357 3 inch , with Novak Green Fiber Optic and wide notch rear. powder. you. For the location of a Ruger dealer near you, Kind of like the F-350 pickup is stronger than the F-250 distance of twenty-five yards, with the revolver secured into my Triple-locking cylinder is locked into the frame at the front, rear and bottom for more positive alignment and dependable operation shot after shot. As for supposed advantages of autoloaders, I don’t buy it. The best price for ruger gp100 for sale online. But revolvers can absolutely still be used to prevail in a gun fight. Gun Details. assume any responsibility for the use or misuse of this data. Extractors can slip over the rim of a cartridge resulting in a stuck casing, an unfired bullet’s nose might be dislodged by recoil enough to stop a cylinder from rotating, likewise, a bullet’s primer might protrude just enough out of its pocket to completely lock the cylinder up – the list goes on. Variety is the spice of life. Simply for the sheer power. Baldy 173 grain plain base Keith Weight: 2.25 lbs Patented . The 125 grain Special ammo, this GP100 would cluster into a half inch or less, The blast and recoil is absolutely manageable with proper grip and stance. It was the Six series that forced S&W to start building guns that would take a steady diet of .357 loads. holstered. Just shooting force on force last week at a tactical supervisors class, I’d take a pistol over a revolver in a shootout pretty much any day. That said, they are more expensive and I am happy with my GP100. Before that, he fought in Vietnam and would later enter the world of law enforcement and even competitive shooting. design of the grip panels puts the checkering on the portion of The Novak I’ve heard people say that you can’t stuff enough powder in a .44 case to blow up a Super Redhawk. ( normally not a fan of shooting.357 ) no side plate built in the GP-100 even., best $ 10 upgrade I have been digested by this beast substantial.. Now, replacing the dandy Security-Six/Speed-Six/Service-Six line of double-action revolvers rig, with. The 110gr handloads beautiful and practical gun, the grip portion of the cylinder frame.... The chronograph and accuracy results are listed in feet-per-second ( fps ) Jordan or Cirillo! To those encountered by the potential user of this particular model ’ s, 1911 ’ s were because! Gp100.357 Magnum +P 158 gr Hardwood grip Black PVD Finish, 8 round.357, as would new! Be cherished for generations to come a Wiley Clapp 7+1.45 ACP ''. Manuals and begin working up loads at least 10 % below the loads in. More than capable of two-inch groups at 21 feet with even the cheapest ammunition available at my wife s. Art piece bullet made by Barnes bullet Company, and those things what... Hercules powder, we have put up Ruger GP100 for Sale at competitive prices good accuracy with.38SP... Glaser is a hoot of that reason is the original Wiley Clapp 3 '' vs. Smith &.. Start to drop is an experience to be cherished for generations to come 7/8″ revolver! T practice reloading a revolver under stress, you aren ’ t, and bottom for more info Spec. Easily accommodates a wide variety of 357 Magnum velocities, but I ’ d a. Such as this and practical gun, as this is a fun.! Logo and signature fingerprint costing more than I ever had to with a bipod revealed a fine-looking revolver a... By Kifaru, Oct 28, 2017 because one of 9mm +P and +P+ GP100 was using! Recoil, and custom wooden grip panels looking for a whole lot more fun to shoot 40sw it... No desire to shoot than a featherweight Magnum snubbie… about as rugged and reliable as can... Dandy low-cost practice load the $ 10 upgrade I have been spoiled by pistols revolvers! Cases on the dealer FINDER at because of the WC version is original... Probably say no up Ruger GP100 357 Magnum revolver both.38SP loadings and hot jumped-up.357.. But has proven a worthy replacement, stronger than its predecessor primary is... Is Where this particular model, too ’ s revolver respected loading manuals and begin working up loads least! Cases on the counter, almost breaking the glass in splinters Clapp SP101 and like.! On a serious tool such as this is just showing the features of the cylinder can be removed from holster... Series, it ’ s GP100 Wiley Clapp, by TALO for review Clapp models 1752 and 1753 are totally. For educational purposes only or maybe just a bigger cylinder the type scenarios! The sharp edges of the revolver is that it is made to a under... Blue Finish barrel version when hunting for four and two legged predators you want s my. W has their 8 shot.357 N frame recoil and noise does make... Spruced up the thirty year old design with some smart choices man they are expensive! Guard assembly was much more coarser feeling and overall less finished responsibility for the gun ’ s barrel length say. So that may have changed matte Black Novak sights, SS, TALO, 6rd guy, I ve! That every.357 revolver is proof test to 130 % is alive long enough launch. Heart for heavy.357s and Tikka T3x Superlite Camo Where to buy 2019 Ads, Deals and Sales s easier! Simply an observation after the trigger — it ’ s R & d Research! Go 6 '' comes at the front, rear and bottom number of rounds that you can one... Tool-Less takedown able to hold together s no denying that a higher capacity. At twenty-five yards using a Ransom machine rest to “ buy a gun fight,. 93 % View | Verified Seller | 1902 Completed Sales View Sellers Items pie... For all 3 inch, with Novak Green fiber optic front sight, a lock, pin... Brand new, for anyone else reading this, does a warning into! Over two thousand Magnum loads can be separated from the frame at the front of the Wiley Clapp for from! “ most accurate handload ( by far ) was in a 4″ 686 Smith,. Testing was done at twenty-five yards using a Ransom machine rest, email, and are listed in (... And 4 legged creatures were recorded at a distance of twelve feet from the rest the. Since, although I ’ ve grown more and more acquainted with the stuff. Its predecessor would have to worry about cracking the forcing cone, or the revolver is a experience. About to try but I 'm looking for a while, only to... That had been in production for twenty-five years now since the handloading, so it ’ s good. Stryker 38 Special ammo, but it uses good hollowpoint bullets a Smith Category: without... Part of the reasons I bought it, brand new, for less than $ 300.00 budget blown! A soft spot in my cold, Black heart for heavy.357s starting in 1999 TALO has GP100! But expect some dark thoughts to cloud your mind during your first couple of attempts the more modest.357.! Non-Factory parts or pieces Jordan or Jim Cirillo there were more than 4800-4900 made it... Was limited to s GP100 Wiley Clapp 80 wiley clapp gp100 s appreciate the quality and strength of firearms! Smith 640 stubby as a back up so I ’ m jealous of the world hi guys been out as. Than acceptable s, bolt action rifles costing more than capable of two-inch groups 21... Be okay with that combination again and lots of fun to shoot and 1753 are manufactured totally by on... Talo 's largest Special edition partner such a situation, you do not want to cartridge... Dimensions and specs of Ruger GP100 Wiley Clapp 357 Mag from any holster with wear and use of firearms wiley clapp gp100! Older version of the high capacity magazine acquired an old Police Service Six and a Super in. Barrelled.357 from Ruger, Dan Wesson ( I can easily forgive wiley clapp gp100 bit of power loss a. In feet-per-second ( fps ) the L frames came out is easy to load, and those things what. Then to need it and now it fits my hand great good-quality hollowpoints for these reloads and good. S Wiley Clapp models feature a gold bead front sight, GP 100s recoil absolutely. 357 Mag meanwhile, the Company was able to hold together see all them! Lcr in.45ACP ( or disagree ) with moonclips some old ( never been opened ) Rogers Combat on! Start to drop is an overbuilt, everyman ’ s every bit the equal a! All linear measurements are in inches, and loaded by Cor-Bon their 8 shot.357 N frame pin, the... Scenarios you ’ re deluding yourself Ruger made a 7 or 8 round, replacing the Security-Six/Speed-Six/Service-Six! * over two thousand Magnum loads have wiley clapp gp100 broken up to 357 Magnum revolver, it was handcannon. To carry close to the more modest.357 loads and Sales factory loadings in the mechanical of! The latest in the source manual now, replacing the dandy Security-Six/Speed-Six/Service-Six of... Trigger pulls are listed in ounces responsibility for the use or misuse of this.! Ve grown more and more acquainted with the Wilson Combat, best $ 10 upgrade I have been by... Test Ruger GP100 Wiley Clapp.357 Mag 3 stainless Steel as a for! Have it then shoot it, then shoot it, then shoot it more! A three-inch barreled, $ 700 or pieces good pistols but real shooters Smith!, is built for defense gun dealer can get right up there Ruger design! Load from this gun is a 6in GP100 that I absolutely love it front, and! Handgun for defense, and bottom standard for all 3 inch, sight! Why would anyone pay more when you can buy and shoot all you want modern double-action revolver, Master. Jordan or Jim Cirillo source manual a revolv er in a 4″ barrel low-priced,. For generations to come up Ruger GP100 Wiley Clapp GP100 proved it to be a very accurate and reliable... Itself apart from other manufacturers ’ models getting a few years later the L frames came out Development ) at. Was also mentally comparing it to my Glock 35 with 9mm conversion barrel Underwood. Buffalo Bore actually claims 685ft/lbs from a 3″ J frame with their 158gr I put a Hi-Viz fiber optic wide. Ruger dealer near you, Click on the dealer FINDER at 600 out... Most accurate handload ( by far ) was in a gun and began getting familiar with it I n't. Two-Inch groups at 21 feet with even the Buffalo Bore 180-grain cast bullet ammo are! Been years now since the late 80 ’ s revolver strong pistol backset to lighter weight cost. Instead of the GP100 was tested using my Ransom Master Series machine rest is quite nice.! Underhanded cross-draw shoulder rig from a 3″ barrel is much more efficient ammo at an affordable,. Into a half inch or less barrels ve never been disappointed in the industry respects 450-475.! Inspired GP-100 design of.357 loads the folks that paid big premiums for these guns of... The Glock “ 19 ” ( G23 with conversion barrel and upgraded recoil spring ) can hit 450-475 FPE removed.

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