Setting up laundry service is very simple and the best part is students automatically enroll in our scholarship program. The scholarship program activates itself after first 100 registers for semester long service.  Students already have plenty on their plates to do. It’s just not worth their time to spend hours in dorm laundry.  In order to setup your service you can either call 215-248-5141 or click on ‘Schedule Service’. Please select ‘Student Customers’ from the drop down. Contact Us

  1. Prepare your laundry for the driver
  2. Market Square Driver picks up your laundry. Ensure to write your name, address, and a best phone you could be reached at on a piece of paper and hand that to the driver. This paper will travel with your bag to the laundromat.
  3. Highly skilled attendant will sort, wash, dry, and fold your laundry per your specifications.
  4. Your clothes are delivered back to you


You have completed your laundry in 4 simple steps.