It is responsibility of the customer(s) to check that no items are left in the pockets. Market Square Laundry is strictly not responsible for loss or damage of any item(s) that was left in the pockets. If we find it beforehand, we will return it. In the lieu of hand signature, by clicking “I accept” you accept terms of use and you also agree that you will hold Market Square Laundry, its owner, and its employees harmless for anything that is not included in this ‘terms of use’.


For service plan cancellations, since the prices are highly discounted, Market Square Laundry will charge 10% of the remainder/returned balance. If the service is cancelled before the end of the term, the refund amount will be prorated and Market Square Laundry will charge 10% of the refund amount and credit the rest.


The customer shall report to Market Square Laundry of all lost or damaged article(s) within 24 hours after the delivery of the laundered clothes. Failure to report the missing or damaged article(s) within 24 hours shall remove any liability of Market Square Laundry for the missing or damaged article(s). Market Square Laundry takes the best care of your clothing and makes the best judgments for the cleaning solution BUT does not guarantee of the color loss, shrinkage, or any other damage to the clothes. In the event where Market Square Laundry finds itself responsible for the loss or damage of the article(s), Market Square Laundry will reimburse up to $50 per article(s) or the reasonable market value. Maximum reimbursement cannot exceed $200 per household. It is customer’s responsibility to inform the driver and the employees about the washing specification of peculiar clothing.