Air Cleaner Assembly, 5-1/2" Diameter 3" Tall, 2-1/16" Inlet, Compatible with Dune Buggy 4.5 out of 5 stars 116. VW cylinder heads are the best "bang for your buck" on increasing horsepower in your Volkswagen engine. By running the engine richer than normal throughout its operation, the 009 flat spot can be minimized, but usually not eliminated. For stock engines, I strongly recommend the use of the dual port head if you are going the performance route. Dual Carburetor Kits. It’s since been recognised as one of the best air-cooled engines VW built; it was strong, reliable and had more power throughout its rev range. Add to Wishlist It won't harm the engine any more than other run-rich methods needed to work with the 009 distributor, but if you expect the engine to last a long time then be aware that running rich (which you NEED to do with the 009), results in oil wash-down in the cylinders which will speed piston ring wear somewhat. Anyone know the timing set for 1914cc dual port vw performance engine. Casting: AA Performance 500. Its ultra-low resistance (0.32 ohms) is recommended only for use with the Ignitor 3 distributor. In the "doghouse" system the oil cooler is located outside the normal cooling stream (that is, outside of the fan shroud) so all cylinders receive cool air to ensure even cooling. Even the stock 1600 dual port is a good candidate for performance tuning. All of our longblocks are Hot Test Run meaning we actually put our own top end equipment on there so we can run your motor and not just "bench" test it. For more information, please see John Connolly's article on Choosing the Right Distributor. We do this to ensure the motor is running perfectly before we send it out to you. K 412 WEBER PROGRESSIVE PERFORMANCE CARBURETOR CONVERSION KIT # k412. 30PICT/1 (1300cc engine -- '64-'66, or '67 depending on the country). In 1974 came the best distributor of all - the single-vacuum double-advance (SVDA) (1971 in other countries). $858.60. This is an Aftermarket 009 Distributor Not a Bosch Made. $79.95 Out of stock. This distributor is supposed to provide the best of both worlds for the VW if you … We have more experience with SVDA distributors on VW Engines than the other guys. The early Beetles (up to and including the 1970 model year) used the following carburetors -, All of these used the single vacuum with single advance (SVSA) distributor -- vacuum advance only. The LowBugget Dual Kadron kit includes: •Dual 40mm Brosol/Solex carbs with large 28mm venturi. Stock dual port. Stock dual port. These distributors all have the #3 cylinder timing running 3 degrees less advanced than the other cylinders due to the fact that oil cooler is located inside the fan shroud, resulting in warmer air being directed to the left side cylinders. The ACN SVDA is our flagship product! But the change in vacuum when you floor it reduces the advance to around 30 degrees or so until the increasing engine rpm catches up with the "new" throttle position. Thanks in advance for your assistance. ... VW Engine Distributor ... 15 of the best holiday deals on kitchen essentials. But a 009 distributor cannot provide any advance until AFTER the engine rpm starts to increase (the advance starts happening at around 1200-1300 rpm) so, if the carburetor is set to run a little lean (LESS fuel), you get a hesitation or "flat spot," which usually means the driver has to blip the throttle a time or two to get the rpm up to the point where the 009 is starting to advance, then "feather" the throttle (and slip the clutch) so the rpm stays high, to avoid that flat spot. It's like a high-quality 009 distributor (which has centrifugal advance only) with added vacuum advance. These work great with this combo. Bore: 92, works with 88 thick wall, 90.5 and 92mm kits. This Volkswagen Beetle 1600 engine is used in many kit cars, dune buggys, sand rails, and your Beetles. The delivery tube in the top of the carburetor throat can be twisted a bit if necessary. mildly ported heads and EMPI elephant's feet. $1,529.99. The SVDA distributors are more expensive to build in comparison with the Bosch 009 (the Bosch equivalent of the VW centrifugal distributor). Other countries whent straight to the single vacuum double advance, as per 1974 and later in the USA. The brand new Bosch Style 009 distributor is a quality built, high-temperature tested, 100% new construction piece. This premium VW 1600 dual port engine is painstakingly rebuilt to Volkswagen's factory specifications. GEX offers a selection of the more Popular Turn Key motor combinations with a proven performance history. Bore: 92, works with 88 thick wall, 90.5 and 92mm kits. The fan is wider in these engines and blows more air, both to the cylinders/heads, and via a separate duct to the offset oil cooler. Engine: VW Type 1 2 and 3 1600 Dual Port. The USA only got the largest engine available in any model year. SVDA W/pertronix. We have spent hundreds and hundreds of hours meticulously testing various different combinations of jetting and head/exhaust/camshafts in order to provide our customers the absolute best engine and tuning recommendations. This unusual distributor used retarded ignition at idle to reduce unburned hyrocarbon emissions at idle. Other countries had engine options froom 1964 onwards. Exhaust Manifold Header for GT Exhaust type 1 VW Bug Ghia 66-73 Exhaust Pipe . 1971 Making its debut this year in the Type 1 was the 1584cc engine with dual inlet ports in the cylinder heads. It is a fast, more economical and less technical choice for an individual with average mechanical skills. Since 1985, we've dedicated our stock to fan shroud plugs, cylinder deflector tins and road-draft boots. These days, the best available distributor for any dual-port engine is the SVDA, teamed with the appropriately - sized carburetor, so long as the carburetor has a vacuum capability. Carburetor Sizing 34PICT/3 (1600 twin port - 1971 onwards). When you are installing a motor with an auto-stick transmission, you will need the correct oil pump and flex plate. VW PROGRESSIVE PERFORMANCE CARBURETOR CONVERSION KIT. BTW I am a pro … The Major Performance Class 1600 race engine uses the latest high quality components and materials in a timeless design that has been refined over many years. Our SVDA distributor is a quality reproduction of the original, vacuum-advance Bosch 0 231 170 034 / VW 043-905-205, federal model distributor that came stock from the factory on the 1974 VW Beetle with 1600 engine and manual transmission. Carburetor for VW Beetle Super Beetle. If you fit both then ensure you also fit an anti-pulse valve inline. Weber. Diy. The Flame Thrower Performance Distributor has all of the great aspects of the popular Bosch 009 & 050 distributors. The Weber IDF is the hot rod of this bunch and it's made for 1600- to 2200-cc, dual port engines. There are two basic reasons for this: One is the extremely restrictive intake and carburetion setup of the stock engine (single ports are even worse!) Valves: 40mm Intake by 35.5mm Exhaust. They’re built for everything, from powerful street cars to racers. Serial number AS413043.101.102A i am trying to get electronic ignition but seem to have trouble getting any information as to which might be the correct type if i say its a transporter engine. Distributors for Stock VW Engines Perfect for use with the 34PICT carburetor. Reply . Quantity: Email A Friend. Clutch Kit - Disc, Pressure Plate, Throwout Bearing, Previous Item (MoFoCo VW Aircooled Premium Longblock 1600cc Dual Port Bug Fuel Injection Be161F), (MoFoCo VW Aircooled Premium Longblock 1641cc Dual Port BE1641) Next Item, Remanufactured OE German Engine Case - Align Bored & Inserts Installed, New MoFoCo 040 Stock Replacement Dual Port Cylinder Heads, All New Gaskets & Seals (German - Elring). $76.75. HP, best carb, best distributor, timing, etc…. Then in 1971 came the 1600cc dual-port and the 1300cc dual-port engines. Its ultra-low resistance (0.32 ohms) is recommended only for use with the Ignitor 3 distributor. Where can I look to get mote information on this engine? It is a dual port and looks to be a 1600. The shortblock (rebuilt by Mofoco, bored .020 over) cost me $259 back in 1991. VW Carburetors 101: Carb Options and Selection. All Weber Carb Kits Ship in 3-5 businss days Price: $900.00. Plus what are the pros and cons of both. 30PICT/3 (1600cc single-port engine USA 1970). Make your car drive like new again. The more air you pump through the motor, the more power you get. ... VW Complete Replacement Distributors. 1600 VW Engine Turnkey $3024.00 Plus $550.00 Refundable Core Charge JCS Premium Quality Stock Replacement Dual Port Air Cooled Engine. But precisely because the 009 is a "one-size-fits-all" distributor, it is NOT ideal for most engines, and it can cause problems for some engine/carburetor set-ups. … The units not covered are units that were used in limited production. Initially produced by Volkswagen for the Beetle (Type I) in 1971 the 1600 cc Dual Port VW engine is the most dependable and economical replacement VW … This is because horsepower comes primarily from two things: - The size of the engine itself; - The air flow and valve size of the heads. It consists of a VW block, piston & cylinders, cylinder heads along with a flywheel and oil pump and everything in between. Every aspect of our class 1600 engine has been subject to countless hours of meticulous attention to detail to provide maximum horsepower while maintaining strict adherence to the rules. Depending on your carb, distributor and transmission, you have from zero to two vacuum hoses. For the very best in performance for hi revving, this is the ticket. DVDA = Dual Vacuum, Dual Advance Distributor. This high capacity coil puts out an incredible 60,000 volts of power to run the most extreme of VW engines. Hours: Monday‑Thursday 8:00AM‑4:30PM Friday 8AM-4PM Saturday 9:00AM‑12:00PM. The LowBugget Kadron dual carb kits for type 1 or type 4 combos. Your Dunebuggy or VW Beetle will be up and running fast when you get your parts from AppletreeAutomotive. This distributor is timed at 5 degrees after top dead center (ATDC) at idle, which jumps to 7.5 degrees before top dead center (BTDC) above idle, then normal advance after that. Fits all dual port upright VW bug and beetle 1700cc and larger. 31PICT/3 (1300 twin port - 1971 onwards). In Europe and Australia and other countries the '71+ model cars came with an option of the 1300cc dual-port engine, which had a 31PICT/3 carburettor and the SVDA distributors. Valves: 40mm Intake by 35.5mm Exhaust. Air-Cooled VW Tech; Dual vacuum distributor « previous next » Pages: [1] Topic: Dual vacuum distributor (Read 5852 times) lamar. View Larger Image. VW Ignition Coils & Points. Joined: Dec 2001; Posts: 647; Dual vacuum distributor « on: February 17, 2011, 09:48:06 PM » I finally got the engine back into my Super Beetle. Club Member; Harrison TN. Recently Viewed Items: I'm running a single port 1600 with a 30 pict carburetor and a doghouse cooler, I'm pretty happy with the results, but that's because reliability is the name of the game for me. You can get away with one but connecting two makes it that much smoother. Aircooled.Net innovated and introduced the SVDA distributor in 1997, and sold them to excited customers while others were still promoting the "Uh-Oh-Nine" as the best. Out of stock. CB Performance has a wide selection of Carburetors & Accessories to fit Weber, Dellorto and Solex carbs for your aircooled VW (volkswagen) VW Electronic Ignition Components. The Aircooled.Net (ACN) SVDA Distributor, or the Mallory Unilite, are our recommended distributors for VW engines. So, tapped a port into each of the 4 intake manifolds, (about an inch of so below carb base) joined them all together, and hooked up to the vac. MoFoCo Enterprises Inc. 4170 N Lydell Ave Milwaukee, WI  53212 Phone: 414‑963‑1020 To accelerate an engine smoothly, you need both extra fuel and a little extra advance. $79.95 In some cases filling in the air-bleed hole in the throttle butterfly should only be tried if the above modifications don't eliminate the flat spot. Performance Carburetor Kits. Doing so results in the carburetor running extra rich at low and middle speeds (butterfly closed or slightly open); filling the hole mean less air for the same fuel pulled through the jets. The same as the SVDA, but also has a Vacuum RETARD port. Single Port heads have one intake port that serves 2 cylinders. VW Spark Plugs & Spark Plug Wires. We adjust the valves numerous times, check the oil pressure, check for any leaks, check compression and do the basic break in for you before you receive. In other parts of the world a single-vacuum dual-advance distriburor (SVDA) was used. Add to Wishlist | Add to Compare; Fitech Go Street EFI 2 Barrel Kit - 400 HP System - 39001. If it has a dual port intake manifold, (either 2 separate carburetors, one on each side…or it uses a single carburetor wih with a 3 piece intake manifold (joined by rubber bots with clamps) and it is a stock engine….it is at least 1600. Virtually all 4-cylinder, air-cooled VW distributors have right-pivoting points. On top of that, we even put a 12 month warranty to go with it. *Dual-port version - Table courtesy of Haynes Automotive Repair Manual, ... (VW built millions of 1200 and 1600 industrial engines). Don't leave any parts out because we also stock air-cooled VW engine tin kit packages to match every need. Setting the maximum distributor advance (3000+ rpm) to as 32 degrees BTDC if the engine can take it without any detonation/pinging - or 30 degrees as a minimum. $89.95. 1600 VW Engine Turnkey $3024.00 Plus $550.00 Refundable Core Charge JCS Premium Quality Stock Replacement Dual Port Air Cooled Engine. Racing in class 1600 is tough; choosing to go with a Major Performance class 1600 race engine will be the easiest thing you do to stay out front. Obviously on Single Port heads, the shared intake port is more restrictive and will limit power potential. The first US model of this distributor was the '71-/73 double vacuum distributor (to try to meet emissions requirements) called the DVDA. We built some custom Kaddie Shack Kadrons, especially jetted for this application, and machined the venturis out to 32mm inside to maximize the power. • Tall cast aluminum manifolds. It sits here in my shop, awaiting a teardown. The distributor has a 2-pin connector that plugs directly into an MSD Ignition. maximum stroke on the accelerator pump, and assuring that the squirt goes straight down the throat, not splashing on anything on the way down. Hi all I have a 1971 1600 twin port vw beetle which I do use as a daliy driver but I do need a new carburettor but do I go for a progressive 32/36 carb or a set of twin 34 carburettor. Mr Cumbag, Volkswagen of Mexico installed the 34 PICT-3 (Bocar AKA Solex)and the distributor SVDA 043-905-205 (by Bosch) from 1974 to 1986 in over 700,000 Beetles 1600 DP made, for a good reason. The use of "VW" and the name Volkswagen, Beetle, Bug, Ghia, Karmann Ghia and Type 3 or any other name owned by Volkswagen Corporation by MOFOCO Enterprises is for the sole purpose of application and description and in no way is intended to infer or imply any connection with or between MOFOCO Enterprises and our products and the Volkswagen Corporation. Fitech 2 Barrel 400HP Fuel Injection Kit with Fuel System for VW Type 1 Engines 1600 CC - 2500 CC. I do not know feedback about the 31 PICT. The modern H30/31 replacement carburetor provides a rather low vacuum signal, meaning that vacuum distributors can struggle to provide vacuum advance, and so the 009 is often used with this carburettor (creating it's own problems). We also installed a 1-5/8" exhaust system (don't do this on a dual port!) The accelerator pump provides the extra fuel and the vacuum distributors provide the additional advance needed.

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