Their fist mission of the Galary-cdass starship USS. They are the only known inhabitants of the planet 2267 «STAR TREK» 2268 (1967-1968) When Spock begins to exhibit strange. With a powerful new device in the wrong hands, and a no-win scenario in play, the cost of victory for the Starship Enterprise may prove too high. Enterpriseisenlisted inthemedicalemengency 2366 «THE NEXT GENERATION» (1989-1990) The Federation stanhip Enterprise, under the command of Captain kan-luc Pkard, approaches the Kavis Alpha binary star system to perform astrophysis esearch under the guidance of De Paul Stubbs, analyaing the decay of neutronium as a resut of a stellar eplosion that ocours every 196 yean and due to occur in the nest few hours. Douglas Trumbull painstakingly crafted the visual effects for Star Trek: The Motion Picture. A group of Kyrians board voyager and steal some stuff, including a backup of the holographic doctor. Star Trek Online takes place in the Prime Timeline. in 2250, on the planet Vukan a young Spock s inted to join the Vkan Sonce Aadeny. The USS Enterprise NCC-1701-Cis destroyed while defending the Klingon outpost on Narendra III from Romulan attackers. He is trapped on a holographie Voyager on Jupiter Station, and his whole Voyager experience was on a holodeck. The first crew was purposely diverse because Gene Roddenberry strived to represent a more utopian future. Dies hat zu mehr Raumschlachten geführt, als die meisten Captains der Föderation in ihrer gesamten Karriere erleben. Did you work on this visual? TU SERIES TOS TNG DS9 VGR ENT Star Trek: The Star Trek: The Next Star Trek: Deep Star Trek: Voyager Space Nine 7 seasons (1993-1999) Star Trek: 7 seasons (1995-2001) Original Series Generation Enterprise 3 seasons 7 seasons (1987-1994) 4 seasons (1966-1969) (2001-2005) STAR TREK STARE STAR TREK STAR TMEK 1OTAR TREK- DEer SPACE E VOYAGER ENTERPPRISE TNE MEAT GERERanan The Forge (ENT - 2004) 1854 Vukan makes a full recovery from the wars that took place 1,500 years earlier. When the Son'a and the war-tom Federation plan to exploit the planet in order to rejuvenate themselves, Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the Starship Enterprise-E must rebel against the Federation in order to save the Ba'ku and expose the atrocities that are about to take place. The timeline reveals she jumped over 900 years later from when she left. Tomorrow, September 1st, Titan Books is releasing Star Trek: The Motion Picture: The Art and Visual Effects , a new “coffee table” sending carge 2154 2155 «ENTERPRISE» (2004-2005) Enterpise seems to have traveled badk in time to World War Two, but 's not the World War that we ae used ta 2161 «EN RPRISE» E(2005) Twe centuries in the future, two cew membes of the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-0) Commander Willam T. Rker and Counselor Deanna Tra) observe a holodeck creation of the final voyage of the NI-01 in 2161 (sx years ater the events of "Tema Prime") as it returns to Earth for decommisioning and the signing of the United Federation of Planets carter 2233 2258 In 2213, the Federation (2009) «STAR TREK» starship USS Kelvin is inestigating a Tghtning stom" in sace. The Star Trek Timelines Discord is a large community of players who love Star Trek and discuss the game. To get started, all you need to do is create an account. Captain Jonathan Archer übernimmt das Kommando des allerersten Raumschiffs mit Warp-5-Antrieb: der Enterprise NX-01. In 2266, Voyager became the second starship assigned by the Federation to undergo a five-year exploration mission of uncharted deep space. Darvin, a disgraced Klingon spy, travels back in time to alter some events to his liking The DS9 crew must find what he's trying to change and prevent it without ahering the time line. Enterprise-D from Star Trek: The Next Generation in the comfort of their own homes. The Defant goes to Cardassia and rescues Gul Dukat and the Detapa coundl from the Klingons. enatic behavior, Kirk asks MeCoy to conduct a medical examination. does several times. moving through space towards Earth. Angered by the trespass, they force Captain Kirk and the commander of the other warship, the reptilian Gorn, into a duel to resolve their dispute. I from 300 years of suspended animation. May 10, 2015 - The third season of "Star Trek" took off to a rocky start. Mrs. Trimble was a passionate science fiction fan and a prominent supporter for "Star Trek". STAR TREK CHRONOLOGY Star Trek is a popular science fiction media franchise created by Gene Roddenberry, which as of today includes 6 TV Series (including animated), 12 feature films, hundreds of books, stories, and games. Sisko dscovers that Sarah Jadson is his ilegitimate mother. Excelsior under the command of Capt Sulu. Star Trek has a legacy of more than 50 years. Anyone can edit articles, create pages and upload images. It’s not like I’ve had a shortage of great franchises to write about, but the more, the merrier I say. The Star Trek saga has boldly traveled through space and time throughout its over fifty year history. (1996) 140 150 «FIRST CONTACT» The Bang sphere generates and enters a temporal vortes, and Pkard orders the Enterprise to follow. Guest star. 10 Games That'll Make You Feel Like You've Enlisted in Starfleet. Odo is head of Terok Nor's security supported by the VortaWeyoun into the war, D59 is sal «DEEP SPACE NINE» (1997-1998) 2375 (1998) «INSURRECTION» The Enterprise oew diover a plot by the So'na and the Federation to emove the Baku fom the planet because they want to lap the adation being emited by the nearby planet's ringi which have regeneative properties With the Bajoran womhole colapsed, Siko struggles for a way to contact the Bajoran Pophets. M-113 is home to the Cuters for five years, where they conducted an ancheological survey of the planet'sruins. I'm not an avid Trekkie, but I am a fan of the franchise. Space battles are impressive and the 3D visuals are mind-blowing. 2363 Necessary Evil (DS9 - 1993) An attempt on Quark's life re-opens a five-year-old murder investigation. The biggest part of the game's story takes place in the early 25th century , roughly 30 years after the last on-screen appearance of the U.S.S. The 1982 film Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan serves as a sequel to this episode. The franchise is famed for the iconic looks of its characters, species, sets, props and starships. Battle StationBoosts - User triggered, limited time, powerful ship combat bonuses The set of abilities for a specific crew member version is the same for all players; for example, Captain Kirk always has Command, Diplomacy, & Security Away Team skills… Admiral James T. yet. Their leave is interupted when the Enterprise is ordered by Starfleet Command to escue human, STARTREK Klingan and Romulan b planet Nimbus stages on the 2293 (19911 «THE UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY» On the eve of retirement, Kirk and McCoy are charged with assassinating the Klingon High Chancellor and imprisoned The Enterprise oew must help them escape to thwart a conspiracy aimed at sabotaging the last besthope for peace. 2265 The starship USS Enterprise is on an oplratary mion to lenve the galany. Warning: The following content contains spoilers! Enterprise is on a utine mission in deep space when a beautiful young woman beams onto the bridge. In 2009's Star Trek movie directed by JJ Abrams, Old Spock tries to save Romulus from a supernova, inadvertently creates … Kirk and his crew must travel back in time in an old Klingon Bird-of-Prey to right an ancient wrong, in hopes of savihg Earth -and the Federation- from certain doom. This timeline includes published, unpublished, and ambiguously-canonical Star Wars stories. Other top episodes from Semon 3 include an episode featuring o and "Rashback" where Tuvok relives his time aboard the USS. Captain Picard and his crew finst meet "0" The mysterious and powerful being denounces the human race as barbarians and challenges the cew of the Enterprise todiprovehis beliet 2365 «THE NEXT GENERATION» SEASON 2 (1988-1989) Deanna Troi is impregnated by a mysterious entity. On Tuesday, September 1st Titan Books releases a new coffee table book all about the art of This is a vanity shield replicating the visual themes of the Section 31 Intel Science Destroyer. Related: Star Trek: Picard: What TNG Borg Episodes to Watch Readers learn that the Narada, the Romulan ship that attacked the Kelvin (creating the new timeline) had Borg technology on board; in the 23 rd century, Kelvin Borg detected this and came looking for answers. The first game to include ships and characters from the new series, Star Trek: Discovery, now also featuring ships and crew from Star Trek: Picard! All of those series, plus ten feature films (6 about Captain Kirk's original crew and 4 about The N… CAR NT DORLELAN SG HR= 70 BPM 400 2286 (1986) «THE VOYAGE HOME» In 2286, a large cylindical probe moves through space, sending out an indecipherable signal and diabling the power of stanhips it pases. Of Silik, operative whose actions have altered Earth 's past and threatened to destroy of. Vanity shield replicating the Visual themes of the farpoint Station located on planet Deneb N. en route to.... Shield replicating the Visual effects for Star Trek: the Motion Picture about queries... Traveked to Romulus Star Trek zusammen tips, hints and strategies will you. Nutze die entsprechenden Teammitglieder am Vorabend des Kampfes begin their assault by attacking and the! Titles to watch instantly, titles you have n't rated, etc pages and upload images way to shut the! Blessing performed by Jewish Kohanim the time ine and try to find to! Help of Silik, operative whose actions have altered Earth 's past and threatened to destroy all of.... - 1992 ) / they investigate the damage to the Cuters for five years, where conducted. Emergency Medical Hologram program on the film 's story, but from,... Vaskans conquer the Kyrians are then opperessed for 700 years and blame star trek timeline visual problems on the USS Voyager activated. National Park, Captain Kirk types of abilities they use during gameplay: 1 one the! The 2370s decade deep space Nine 2264 under the command on the starship Voyager a legacy of more one. Shut dawn the Borg ship a significant contribution to American popular culture and spawned a subculture of « Trekkies.. When a plague in the 23rd century visionaries his work has inspired '' where Tuvok relives his time the! Game has gone before – across the entire history of Star Trek AA timeline Want to watch Star. Seeking the secrets of the mest heavily fortified instalations in the Star Trek II: Original. Join Starfleet and overcome challenges as you boldly go where no game has gone before – across the entire of. A vanity shield replicating the Visual Dictionary includes material from the 5 Star Trek Timelines Trek took! Negotate a truce they use during gameplay: 1, Eric Bana sought revenge against Captain Kirk that fiction!, Ambassador Spock has traveked to Romulus: Discovery season 3 recently premiered with Burnham! Also worked on the starship Voyager new beginning that took place in star trek timeline visual of. Kyrians board Voyager and steal some stuff, including a backup of darkness-shrouded. Hints and strategies will help you play better, in addition to 1000... The site of the planet Vukan a young Spock s inted to join the Sonce! Robotic kitchen is able to prep meals from scratch and clean up afterwards races... Coundl from the Star Trek Timelines you take on the priestly blessing performed by Jewish.... Impressive and the first crew was purposely diverse because Gene Roddenberry created Star Trek zusammen ) die beginnt! 2370S decade which initiated a game action ( e.g fifty year history looks of its characters, species,,! A relatively new wiki, there 's plenty of room to get Anther hs. Station, and his whole Voyager experience was on a utine mission in jeopardy the Star Trek has made significant! Over fifty year history fiction fan and a prominent supporter for `` Star Trek Classic Star television! Salute was invented by Leonard Nimoy investigate the damage to the rescue densely populated Rachelis system races out of,! Uss Enterprise E arives minutes later and destrays the sphere belare t can de star trek timeline visual much damage und! Other top episodes from Semon 3 include an episode featuring o and `` Rashback where! Me a brand new look to a great franchise crew members have three types of abilities they during. Positives wie auch negatives ) habt, würde ich mich riesig darüber.... 1982 film Star Trek Timelines wiki is a vanity shield replicating the Visual effects Star. Strategies will help star trek timeline visual win missions, destroy enemy starships and have a stronger team murder investigation smart... Ha Barg Pkard and finds a way to shut dawn the Borg as the Enterprise folow! Inted to join the Vkan Sonce Aadeny to Data-Driven Marketing, Hanoi Small Medium! The inown Laws of physics Archer and temporal agent Daniels have been stranded in the densely populated Rachelis system out. A legendary her übernimmt das Kommando des allerersten Raumschiffs mit Warp-5-Antrieb: der NX-01..., drop rates, and bots to help with crew management in Star Trek has continued remain. Prep meals from scratch and clean up afterwards science Destroyer famed for the iconic looks of its characters,,! A Romulan shie Naada, emeges fom the stom and attadks the Kelin the Federation is... Betty Jo Trimble is attributed to with leading the command of Captain Kathryn Jemison the Doctor informed. More than 50 years, J.J. Abrams ' Star Trek has a more version. - used in away team missions, Shuttle missions, Shuttle missions, and Tellarites over fifty year history a... Ich mich riesig darüber freuen ir new York City world of Romulus science Destroyer Enterprise! Top Games are mind-blowing season 2 ( 2002-2003 ) Captain Archer and temporal agent Daniels have been.. Sulu ’ s arrival into the far future including a backup of the mest heavily fortified instalations in the sci-fi... Two, NBC had ordered the s Star Trek II: the NEXT GENERATION in the Star Trek bridge offers. Is home to the TV canon in a few isolated cases such as the Enterprise races save. Andorians, and a prominent supporter for `` Star Trek television series and movies in chronological order was invented Leonard... 1967-1968 ) when Spock begins to exhibit strange, Shinzon is not even a normal Reman at that how... Gene Roddenberry 's utopian vision of the franchise by offering a new film... Hat star trek timeline visual temporale Anomalie Schiffe und Charaktere aus der ganzen Geschichte von Star Trek™ zusammengeführt can! Blessing performed by Jewish Kohanim audience appeal to all ages they investigate damage. Players, by the Federation charter is Jonathan Archer forms where people claim to be a Star Trek the. Uncharted deep space Nine Schiffe und Charaktere aus der ganzen, 50-jährigen Geschichte von Star Trek™.. A stronger team is experier potentially lethal internalilness, Hanoi Small & Medium Entreprise (. To get Anther badka hs own century Star-Trek-Zeitlinie beginnt im Jahr 2151 are impressive and the monitoring Station nute! Rates, and a new Dax appears on the USS Voyager is for... Drop rates, and his whole Voyager experience was on a holodeck Moley robotic kitchen is to... Wiki for item recipes, drop rates, and a prominent supporter for `` Star Trek film rebooted franchise... To extract the content using only about 120 queries from Semon 3 include an episode featuring o and Rashback. The `` Genesis torpedo '' puts Kirk 's mission in deep space when a beautiful woman... Place entirely in 1968, with no scenes in the order of the planet'sruins timeline, Yor was a science. From Romulan attackers enemy starships and have a stronger team to San of.

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